Upgrading BlackBerry OS 5 to OS 6 on Onyx Bold 9700

Posted on Apr 4 2011 - 8:43am by admin

If you have BlackBerry Onyx Bold 9700 but it is still using BlackBerry OS 5 operating system, you can upgrade it to OS 6. Here the steps are:

Download file of BlackBerry Device Software OS 6 installation. It is suggested to use computer for downloading it. This avoids failure in downloading process.

If you live in Indonesia, you can visit this site http://id.blackberry.com/suport/downloads/download_sites.jsp then click on the operator name you use. Then, there is column Please select a product, pick BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone, then click on ‘Download’ on ‘BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0’. Fill in your data information on the available form, then check on Yes after ‘I confirm the information set out above is accurate and current’.

On the next screen, choose ‘Agree’ and click on ‘Next’. The next step is clicking on ‘Download’ and you just wait on downloading process. Beside Blackberry Device Software (BB OS), you need BlackBerry Device Manager that is able to be installed from CD BlackBerry Installation or you can download it from http://id.blackberry.com/services/desktop/

Before doing upgrade process of OS, it is suggested to do backup. By connecting Onyx mobile to computer using data cable USB then run Device Manager Menu then click on ‘Back Up Now’. On option ‘Backup type’, choose ‘Full’. Then, click on ‘Backup’, you just wait on backup process done.

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Install the file of BlackBerry Device Software that you have download it. Follow the instruction till the process is done. You do not need to use Device Manager because upgrade process is not using that software. After you are finished installing BlackBerry Device Software file, run the Loader.exe file that you can get on C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderLoader.exe. directory. Follow the instruction given, click on ‘Next’ on every tab appearing. On the tab who is appearing ‘Device Application Selection’, you can select application and language that you want to install to your Onyx cell phone. You can use the available options, and then click on ‘Next’.

On the next tab, you will be given options to backup the data. Backup data on this process is different as the previous backup, because it automatically takes your data back after upgrade process is done.  Choose ‘Automatically back up the device application data…’, then click on ‘Next’/ on the next tab, click on ‘Finish’. This system will run upgrade process.

Warning! Do not unplug data cable from computer or BlackBerry before upgrade process is done. Wait up till all processes are accomplished and they will appear on the tab ‘The loading operation was successful’.