Tips How to Use Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted on Jun 11 2011 - 8:05pm by admin

Samsung Galaxy Tab TipsSamsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most successful PC tablet in the market. There are so many PC tablet user felt satisfied to the Samsung Galaxy Tab performance and feature.

If you are this PC tablet user, here are some tips and how to use Samsung Galaxy Tab:

1. Using Wifi Router

3G / HSDPA network received by Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used altogether with other devices through WiFi. How to do it is by select Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile AP. Touch the check point on ‘Mobile AP’, then touch on ‘Mobile AP Setting’ to name hotspot network and open Security so that other device can be connected. Maximum five devices can be connected.

2. Using Modem

Samsung Tab can be used as external modem. How to do it is by selecting Settings > Wireless and Network > Tethering.

Tips How to Use Samsung Galaxy Tab

3. Save the Battery

Screen can be managed to radiate light as it needed. It would be very useful to save battery. How to do it is by selecting Setting > Display Setting > Power Saving Mode (check on the column).

4. Turning off the running application

Sometimes there are applications worked in background, and it can drain the battery. How to turn it off, select Setting > Applications > Manage Application > Running. Select application, then press ‘Force’ button. Or select ‘Uninstall’ button to do uninstall.

5. Activating Swype

By Swype feature, you just have to rub the screen to type. How to activate it, select Setting > Local and Text > Select Input Mode > select Swype. To manage Swype work, select Setting > Local and Text > Swype. Inside it, there would be language, word prediction, enable tip indicator, auto spacing, auto capitalizations, speed vs accuracy and others setting.