Tips How to Save Battery of Android Cell Phone / Tablet (Part 1)

Posted on Jul 25 2011 - 7:16pm by admin

Android Cell Phone / Tablet BatteryAndroid is Google operating system which mostly used on cell phone, smartphone, and tablet device. But Android operating system has weakness, battery spendthrift, since Android has so many Internet service which cost your battery much. However, you don’t have to worry. Here are tips to save battery of Android Cell Phone / Tablet:

1. Turn off Live Wallpaper. Live wallpaper seems attractive, but cost much battery power

2. Select dark / black wallpaper color. Black needs smaller energy compared with bright colors.

3. Select dark / black launcher theme.

4. Select the lowest display light level.

Tips How to Save Battery of Android Cell Phone / Tablet (Part 1)

5. Use Homescreen as few as you can. More homescreen would load processor and RAM caused the battery spend more power and dried quickly.

6. Use widget as minimum as you can (select what you consider as the most important one). More widget there would be more application run in background, so it would cost RAM / memory which spend more RAM / memory which would cost more battery power.

7. Non activate all animation.

This time there are a lots of Android cell phone such as Motorola Droid Pro (XT610), Samsung Google Nexus S (i9020), HTC Gratia (A6380) etc.