Tips How to Reset Google Account on Android Device

Posted on Jul 21 2011 - 7:36pm by admin

Google AndroidFirst time using Adroid device, you would be asked to enter Google account. This Google account is useful to access service provided by Google like Android Market, Mail, Contact, and others. If you want to change Google account, the common way is by doing Hard reset or Factory Reset. But this way would erase all data and application in internal memory and certainly give you loss.

These tips can be done to reset Google account in Android device without doing Hard Reset.

1. In Home, enter to Menu > Setting > Application > Manage Application.

2. Find and click on Google Apps. Then click on “Clear Data” button. When there’s “All information you have saved in this application will be deleted permanently” message appeared, Click on OK.

Tips How to Reset Google Account on Android Device

3. Press on “Back” button. After that, click on “Data Synchronize” or through Home > Menu > Settings > Data Synchronization.

4. There would be Wizard appears to input new Google account.

5. To be more save, when changing the Google account, also clean Data Cache in Mail. You just have to click on Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Gmail. Click on “Clear data” so that synchronization process in email wouldn’t have any problem.

Note : there might be some device not appeared in Google Apps when you do Manage Application. To make it displayed, when you’re in ‘Manage Application’, press on Menu, then select Filter and select “All” or “Running”. Google Apps would be seen.