Tips How to Register in Google+ (Google Plus)

Posted on Jul 28 2011 - 8:39pm by Acwin

Google+ (Google Plus)Google+ (Google Plus) is a new service from Google which has similar function with Facebook, which is a social network service. To get account in Google+, you should get invitation first. This invitation would be sent into email. To receive invitation sent, click on icon “Learning More About Google+”. After that, you would be asked to complete account profile you will make. If email you used is GMail, you wouldn’t be asked to do verification by inserting phone number.Tips How to Register in Google+ (Google Plus)

However, if the email account you’ve used is not GMail, you’ll be asked to do verification by inserting phone number, and don’t forget to select its verification method, whether by text message or through phone call. If you choose text message method, after you insert phone number, you’ll get message sending in form of confirmation code. Fill in the confirmation code to the form prepared. After that, click on “Make Account” to continue making Google+ (Google Plus) account.

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