Tips How to Improve iPhone Performance (Part 1)

Posted on Jun 7 2011 - 4:55am by admin

iPhoneiPhone is one of smartphone which rapidly developed recently. Just like computer device, ore files and process saved and should be done in iPhone, it would effect to performance quality decreasing. But you can improve iPhone performance by these steps:

1. Erase Cache Browser

For you who did browsing through iPhone, this way is the first step to do. Just as computer, iPhone performance would be slower when there is Cache, and keep waste files left by browser. Although in general Cache is an effective way to improve performance in some features, just like on Safari browser, but if it’s too much, it would influence iPhone performance. You can erase Cache by accessing Setting > Safari > Clear Cache menu.

Tips How to Improve iPhone Performance (Part 1)

2. Turn Off Application Correctly

If you used the latest iOs, or minimum version 3.41 or upper, you can do this tips by accessing Multitasking screen. If your iPhone grouped into old version iPhone and no longer supported by Apple (just like 3G iPhone), to turn off the running application, you can do these steps: when there is application which not closed properly, then open the application, press the Power button for some second until there is  “Slide to Power off” sign appeared on screen. When this message displayed, release your finger from Power button, then press Home button a bit longer, until the screen return to Homescreen.

3. Do Update Regularly

iOs grouped into the most Updated OS. In months, even weeks, the latest OS version commonly appear to repair the previous version. When this article made, iOS reached version 4.3.3. From the test, this latest version of iOS has big influence to battery reliability, especially in iPhone 4. Upgrade OS can also influence the overall mobile performance.