Tips How to Fix Cell Phone when It’s Wet

Posted on Jul 26 2011 - 6:41pm by admin

Fix Cell Phone when It’s WetCell phone is an electronic device which vulnerable to water, although there are some type of cellular can resist water, dust, and so on because it’s specially designed to be (resisted to water). However, most mobile aren’t survive to water. Here are some tips / how to fix cell phone when it’s wet:

1. Open the rear case and take your cellular’s battery.

2. Take off all parts which is able to release like battery, sim card, memory card, rear casing, front casing, and others.

3. Dried it using dry cloth which absorbed water. It can be supported by warm light (lamp). If you have Hair Dryer, it would be better, but remember, don’t come too close with the cell phone.

Tips How to Fix Cell Phone when It’s Wet

4. If the cellular was drowned to liquid like detergent, coffee, milk, then wash it with clear water. You don’t have to worry since in off condition, water won’t be dangerous for cell phone. It’s to reduce rust risk in inside part of cell phone.

5. Dry it in 1-2 days. Patience needed to get better result. Or you can also put your cellular in air tight box and fill it with moisture absorbent granule (desicant, the content are round, like fertilizer). If you don’t have it, you can replace it with rice. Just let it dry for two days.

6. After drying process is enough, try to pair the parts and turn on the mobile. If the cellular is still error in some of its functions or warm / hot, repeat above process. This tips could also be done for similar electronic device, such as PDA, laptop, etc.