Tips How to Choose and Buy GPS Cell Phone (Part 2)

Posted on Jun 12 2011 - 4:58pm by admin

GPS Cell PhoneThe article is sequel of previous article, that is Tips How to Choose and Buy GPS Phone (Part 1). The next tips are:

5. Feature completeness

In order to be prepared in various condition, choose GPS mobile feature with the most complete feature. Some feature to be reference like voice navigation, re-routing, 3D map, geo tagging, driving navigation option to walking navigation.Tips How to Choose and Buy GPS Cell Phone (Part 2)

6. Battery Capacity

Ideally, GPS mobile should have big capacity battery. It’s caused GPS usage is drained battery fast. Recently, the average of GPS cell phones used battery with capacity more than 1000 mAh.

7. The Easiness of navigation buttons

Before buying GPS cellular, make sure the easiness in navigation factor. One of them can be seen from the placement of navigation button. Commonly navigation button refer to 4 directional menu’s button. Some cell phones like Samsung SGH-i780 and Nokia Navigator provides GPS shortcut which is easy to be used.