Tips for Android Mobile (Part 3)

Posted on May 18 2011 - 6:41am by admin

AndroidMany tips you can use to optimize mobile usage or make you easier in accessing mobile features. Beside tips on part 1 and 2, here are other tips for Android:

Exchanging ringtone mode into Silence & Vibrate

To exchange ringtone mode into silence and vibrate there can be done by pressing and holding power button, until the menu displayed, then continued by selecting Silence or Vibrate. To turn on the sound menu (no silence), do the same thing as previous one.

Removing data Contact from Ms.Outlook to Mobile Contact List

To do this, you can export data in Microsoft Outlook contact into csv file. After that, the data would be imported into contact on Gmail web so the data would be noted on mobile when Gmail Synchronize processing run.

Tips for Android Mobile (Part 3)Removing contact on SIM card to Mobile contact

To copy data contact on simcard there can be done by accessing Menu > Import/Export. After that, select Import from SIM Card menu.

Turn off T9 on keyboard

To disable T9 when typing, it can be done by entering to Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Android keyboard. After that, erasing checklist sign on the second option on Prediction or Suggestion.

Added ringtone

How to do it is by making directory named ‘media on SD card. Inside the directory, you can make ‘ringtone’ directory for phone ringtone you want to add, ‘notifications’ for notification ringtone and ‘alarms’ for alarms’ ringtone. Put it on ringtone file you wanted to add as your ringtone directory would be used. All directory name above should be named without quotation mark (‘).