Quickoffice : Application to Read, Edit, and Write Document

Posted on Aug 4 2011 - 10:07pm by admin

QuickofficeIf you used to read, write, and edit document on your computer, you must be familiar with software named Microsoft Office. This application is well-known because of its reliability to create and edit document. Then what about cell phone? Quickoffice is the answer. Through this application, your needs to read, write, and edit document can be done through mobile.Quickoffice : Application to Read, Edit, and Write Document

If you have hobby writing article, you can count on this application, so you don’t have to bother yourself opening computer or laptop. Other advantage from Quickoffice is its familiar appearance and menu, so you wouldn’t be too difficult in running it. In some cell phone, this application is already installed in default (has given from cell phone vendor). However if your cell phone still doesn’t have it, you can install it yourself.


Name : Quickoffice
Developer : Quickoffice
Requirement : iOS, Android, Symbian, HP webOS
Version : Depending of Operating System (OS)
Size : Depending of Operating System (OS)
Source : http://www.quickoffice.com/