Pesky Penguins : Step Aside’n Watch Them Slide

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Pesky-Penguins Pesky Penguins : Step Aside’n Watch Them Slide, cell phone reviews, Be careful with this one, just hearing the music more than once can leave you hooked, addicted and unable to focus on anything else! That’s right, the music in Pesky Penguins is both catchy and hard to get out of your head. Or mine, whatever.

Pesky Penguins (PP) is a story about intellectual penguins and adorable adopting kids who want to do nothing buy caress, and hug, and… we’ll leave it to you to figure out what else they want to do.

Survive the unforgiving waves of Pesky Penguins, and don’t let them push you into the icy, cold water!

Point is, the penguins don’t like it, and they want the kids (aka Eskimos) gone. Your job, as an Eskimos is to survive the penguins’ pushy survival tactics and stay on the ice (no pun intended, really), instead of getting pushed off. You can collect power ups, like wash the penguins over with a tidal wave (my personal favorite) or make yourself invisible so they can’t see you.

You’re on their turf and trying to collect their fish! But these Pesky Penguins are not making it easy for you! Battle your way through the endless bombardment of Pesky Penguins and try to stay on the slippery ice for as long as possible. The longer you stay alive the harder it gets! These penguins will stop at nothing and will come at you with everything they have… so watch out!

Collect their fish, use your Awesome Power-Ups, dodge those Pesky Penguins and fool their Crazy Formation Attacks! You will be on the edge of your seat in seconds with this explosively frantic new gaming joy-ride.

Problem is, sooner or later you’re going to die, so how long can you survive against these penguins and use the power of collecting fish to call the waters of the deep to wash over the penguins and bring sunshine back to Eskimo life.

Pesky Penguins is a brand new type of game that you haven’t experienced before. It will have you highly entertained and coming back for more and more!

Pesky Penguins


None Stop Manic Fun!
Fast Paced and Highly Addictive!
Amazing Full HD Retina Display graphics.
You’ll never play the same game twice.
Super Cute Characters!
10 Different Pesky Penguins
10 Beautiful Fish to collect.
10 Super Awesome Power-ups!
Special Bonus Orbs!
Wonderful and Surprising Hazards!
Game Centre with Leaderboards
3 different controls (joystick, touch and tilt)


* Variety of penguin types power-ups and characters.
* A cockpit full of controls to step aside and survive.
* Cute music and fascinating graphics. Definitely a popular family game.
* Fun for all ages, not just penguin lovers.


* Must switch over to YouTube to watch the background story.

Pesky Penguins Official Trailer HD Video :

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Released : Dec 20, 2011
Price : Free in App Store