Moto X, Latest Motorola Smartphone

Posted on May 30 2013 - 8:10am by Natasha Tyler

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside announced that the Moto X smartphone will come on the market in October 2013.

Motorola Moto X

He explained that the smartphone is expected to restore the competitive position of Motorola on the map of global mobile device market is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple. In addition, Woodside also added later Moto X handset production process will be carried out in Texas.

Further it is said that the Moto X will operate differently based on their environment. Moto X uses a series of sensors that are smarter than existing devices. Moto X will ‘know’ when you put it in your pocket or when you’re walking or driving.

These sensors will continue to be active so that the Moto X can anticipate your needs without the need to kill the battery life. Moto X will be in the top spot as flagship smartphone Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC.

In addition to Moto X, Motorola will also launch a number of low-end smartphones this year. According to Woodside, Motorola has great potential for low-end smartphones.