MoRange V : Alternative Way to Use Push Email

Posted on Apr 9 2011 - 6:46am by admin

MoRange VEmail access is not only be done by smartphones. Mobile with standard specification could also use email service. Moreover, nowadays, everything related with Internet, so you must need email service someday, just like forum / community membership verification process, job application information, online shopping, etc. MoRange V is one of email application functioned to do Push Email. Condition to use this application is, your mobile should have supported Java technology (J2ME / MIDP) or Wndows Mobile.

MoRange VMoRange V provides notification feature if there’s an email in. Beside, you can connect with chat service such as Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, AIM, MSN and ICQ. MoRange V could also connect you with Facebook service. If you want to use this application, you can visit If you want to access it directly from your mobile, you can visit Tips in using MoRange V, lesser the activated feature would be better, since it would save GPRS cost and make loading process faster. But if your mobile has used huge internal memory, activate all features will be no problem.


Name : MoRange V
Developer : Mozat
Requirement : Java (J2ME / MIDP), Windows Mobile
Version : 5.11 (Java), 5.0.4.R3 Beta (Windows Mobile)
Size : 483 KB (Java), 51 KB (Windows Mobile)
Source :