How to Use Facetime in iPad 2

Posted on May 25 2011 - 7:48am by admin

Facetime iPad 2Facetime application firstly appear along with iPhone 4 launch. This feature considered as Apple answer to similar feature on 3G mobiles. Different with video call which is one of 3G service, Facetime wasn’t made to run on cellular line. Facetime can be used through WiFi line. How to use Facetime in iPad 2 ? Here are the steps:

1. Access Facetime application, then put on your Apple ID. Email on your Apple ID would be some kind of phone number or Facetime ID to be contacted from other devices. If you didn’t have it, you can make new account by clicking on Create New Account.

How to Use Facetime in iPad 2
2. Put an accurate data in columns appeared. If you’ve already signed in, you’d get a page where contact name would be appear on the right side. If in your iPad 2 there was still no contact, click on plus sign to insert your friend and family Facetime emails.

3. Click on contact to do Facetime connection.

You can also optimize the Facetime in usage in iPad 2 tablet PC by using some tips on this page:: Tips to Use Facetime in iPad 2