Esia Bold F8 Price, Review, Specs

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 1:59pm by admin

Esia Bold F8Esia Bold F8 keypad used Qwerty concept just as smartphone mobile. In front side of the mobile, you’ll find several functions which are ready to be accessed like call, menu, back, disconnect, Facebook button and also Twitter. The existence of buttons to access Facebook and Twitter social network is pretty unique since not all mobile prepared direct access button to social network site.

Its main screen displayed 12 menu icons arranged in grid position. Its icon measurement is also small, only 0.5 x 0.5 cm. For you who has music hobby, you don’t have to worry since this cell phone has prepared audio player equipped with visual panel audio, volume, duration and song title played. You could use volume function by navigation button, Stop function with back button, also mute function with $ button.

FM radio feature is also owed by Esia Bold F8 mobile. Used headphone first which also played role as antenna. You could save favorite radio broadcast to 19 channels. Facebook and Twitter social network are the main features of this cell phone. You could enter the social network page faster, moreover, there also available Facebook and Twitter buttons in the front area of this mobile. For Facebook, its display contain latest update status and could be ‘commented’ or ‘liked’. In addition to access social network site, this mobile is also equipped with access to

Esia Bold F8In order to do data transfer to another gadget, Esia Bold F8 has been equipped with USB cable to be connected to computer hardware. It is so easy, connect the mobile with computer using USB cable, then click on open button to activate USB. Esia Messenger is a chatting facility. Esia Shop prepared various content which could be downloaded or bought as you wanted, like wallpaper, ringtone, hot stuff, etc. If you want to exchange ringtone mode into Vibrate, you just have to press Vibrate button which located beside the Spacebar.


Network : CDMA 800 MHz
Dimension : 107.9 x 56.2 x 12.8 mm
Screen : TFT 220 x 176, 2.3 inches
Connectivity : USB
Memory : MicroSD up to 2 GB external
Battery : Lithium ion 1000 mAh
Other features : Facebook, Twitter, Vivanews, Esia messenger, Esia shop, World clock
Adzan, Task, Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Unit converter, Stopwatch, Memo, Task, Torch
Polifonik (MP3), FM radio
Price : $38 (2011 March)