CowBoys and Aliens : Cowboys vs Alien Combat Game

Posted on Aug 16 2011 - 4:49pm by admin

CowBoys and AliensStarted from comic, now Cowboys and Alien has appeared in game form which can be enjoyed through mobile. As its name, this game told about the hero with cowboy hat as his special character and riding horse, that’s Cowboys, fighting against Aliens. In this game, you play role as Zake, who has mission to protect human kind from evil Aliens attack.CowBoys and Aliens : Cowboys vs Alien Combat Game

Just like in comic version, in this game you’ll meet evil characters such as Vertiy, War Hawk and Rado Dar. The game would bring you to feel how exclaimed it feels, fighting as cowboys. There provided four game levels with various difficulties. You’ll fight exploring Wild West cities, train, and space shuttle. With good graphic display, you’ll fight in thrilling shooting action. Along the battle, there has provided complete weapons, started from gun and riffle, to advanced Alien’s weapon. CowBoys and Aliens can be enjoyed in cell phone supported Java technology.


Name : Cowboys and Alien
Requirement : Java
Size : Depending of Screen resolution
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